An invitation

October 22nd, 2011

Here's the harp guy again. I couldn't find a picture of the South Burlington Farmers Market.

The last South Burlington Farmers Market of 2011 occurs from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 23, at the lot next to Healthy Living on Dorset Street in South Burlington.  It’s a fun little market.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day there two weeks ago, and plan to attend again with a table full of books for sale and a head full of dreams.  If the configuration is the same this Sunday, I’ll be there at the far end, between an organic fruit and vegetable stand and a Somali woman who makes some of the most wonderful samosas I’ve ever had. I also have to mention the woman from the Euro restaurant , who sells stuffed cabbage and borekas and other balkan delicacies of surpassing goodness, and who, out of what I think was an impulse of pure generosity, came over and gave me a container of heavenly moussaka at the end of the day. I had it for dinner. And breakfast. That week, in addition to basking in sunny warmth, I sold a few books, which was a few books more than I had expected to sell, so the day was an unqualified success.  Two buyers in particular stand out in my recollection. One was a middle-aged man who said he was buying it for his son, a poet and musician in New Hampshire. I wished his son good luck in his chosen professions. Another was a retired professor from MIT, who stood there for a good fifteen minutes with a copy in his hand, turning it over and over as if expecting to see something different on the cover each time. Towards the end his wife was calling impatiently for him to get a move on. He told me he had taught a course on Western Civilizations and then engaged me in conversation, gently quizzing me to see whether I had some idea what I claimed to be talking about. I must have convinced him. It is extraordinarily pleasant, to hand over a small bundle of paper and ink, representing seven years or so of one’s life’s work, to a perfect stranger in exchange for money! Especially when the transaction is accompanied by conversation and smiles. So I’ll be there on Sunday, smiling and ready to converse, and I hope you will, too. If you’ve already got a copy of my book, and don’t need to buy any for gifts, you can always stop by, say hello, and pick up a samosa.  And some moussaka. You’ll have to pay for the moussaka, though.

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