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Welcome to Potterville

November 29th, 2010

I keep on hearing how mad we are at Wall Street.  I hear this roughly as frequently as I get envelopes from Bank of America and Chase Bank and Citigroup telling me how much better my life could be if only I were to borrow bunches of money from them.  It is somewhat puzzling to me, to hear about how tight credit remains for small businesses, when these financial titans are eagerly willing to take a flyer on an underpaid public servant in the deficit-raddled State of Vermont.  Hardly a day goes by that they don’t tell me so.  The latest gambit is to send me envelopes full of checks that I can use almost instantly to buy things I can’t presently afford.  Apparently we’re not mad enough so that our collective disdain for such mass-marketing efforts makes them fail to be lucrative enough to repeat and repeat and repeat.

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