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Are you a person or an IPO?

January 23rd, 2011

Vermont Senator Virginia Lyons

Ever since the idiots on the United States Supreme Court who cannot tell the difference between a baby and a stock certificate, that is, “Justices” Kennedy, Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas, decided that corporations have the same rights to speech under the First Amendment as individual human beings, thus removing any possible legal impediment to an inundation of corporate political campaign spending, there has been a howling need to amend the Constitution to repair the damage.  Now the Vermont legislature is taking a step to do just that.  Readers of this blog who are Vermont residents, please call your Senators and Representatives and urge them to support J.R.S. 11.  Readers from other states, please ask your legislators to emulate Vermont and pass something like the following as soon as possible.

J.R.S. 11. Joint resolution urging the United States Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution for the states’ consideration which provides that corporations are not persons under the laws of the United States or any of its jurisdictional subdivisions.
Whereas, free and fair elections are essential to American democracy and effective self-governance, and

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