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Late breaking joy

December 24th, 2011

I had just sat down at my computer this morning, thinking that there is nothing I can usefully add to the welter of comment, analysis, reminiscence, and blether about this season, when I came across this little gem of purity of spirit.   Sit back, sigh, and enjoy.

Alle Snakker Sant

December 18th, 2011

Siri Nilsen

First, a couple of disclaimers.

Siri Nilsen is the daughter of Shari Nilsen, whom I knew back when she was jus’ plain li’l Shari Gerber back in the ‘hood.  Shari had long straight black hair, perfect olive skin, considerable personal beauty, and one of those pure angelic soprano voices.  Kind of like a short, Jewish, Buffalonian Joan Baez, only more buxom.  She was a year ahead of me at Kenmore West Senior High, and I used to go listen to her play her guitar and sing folk music at the Rue Franklin coffeehouse.  I had a hopelessly unconsummated crush on her, of which she was either entirely unaware or in denial.  But we were good friends.  (Ouch!)  A few years out of high school we lost contact.  She went on to marry and then divorce a Norwegian folk musician, Lillebjorn Nilsen.  No, I never heard of him, either, but he is a big deal in Norway.  Siri is one of their daughters.  Not long ago, Shari and I came back into contact via Facebook.  So that’s how I know of Siri.

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