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Piling it on

February 6th, 2011

If poetry is emotion recollected in tranquility, as Wordsworth said, then it is probably too soon for me to write about my feelings as I watched the plow turn the corner and aim its massive blade down my side of the street, where I had just spent the past hour or so removing the four foot tall berm of compacted snow and ice that the last plow had deposited at the end of my driveway.  Suffice it to say that when I first saw the orange monster emerge from behind the cross street’s snowbank, I muttered, “Fuck me!” and when it headed in my direction, flinging a dirty curl of the last plow’s leavings at my knees, I yelled, “Fuck me!” again, to the apparent surprise of the crew of twenty-somethings from the party house next door who were congregated in its driveway, making light work with their many hands.  A little while later, one of them said to another, “This is god’s way of making Americans get exercise.”  Not long after that, a young man came walking down the middle of the road.  I smiled and said hello to him, and he smiled back and said, “Gotta love the snow.”  I replied, “Not sure I can agree with you about that.”  He said, “Well, wait an hour or so.”  Here it is an hour or so later, and I still don’t think I agree.  On the other hand, all warm and loose and just this side of having sore muscles, I am enjoying feeling both languid and powerful.  A couple more storms like this and I am going to have shoulders and arms like a gorilla.  I am going to write a book, The Vermont Shovel Workout: Five Thundersnows to a Stronger, Happier You.  Guess I won’t buy that snow blower, after all – at least not until the royalties start rolling in.