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Bare Nekkid Boys

May 15th, 2011

A recent encounter with high school memories has me thinking about the sexual culture of hell.  In Dante’s Inferno, souls are punished for sex out of wedlock and for sex with taboo partners.  In To Join the Lost, seven hundred years later, the picture has evolved.  In place of the “sexually incontinent,” we find sexual predators.  Instead of damnation for being gay, people condemn themselves to suffering for denial.

These thoughts come to you courtesy of the Facebook group for alumni of Kenmore West Senior High School, my alma mater.  A lot of comment there the past few days has been sparked by the recollection that, in the late sixties and seventies, gym teachers required boys to swim naked in the pool.

The immediate reaction of many, of course, is “eeuw!”  Where were the parents?  Where were the authorities?  What were they thinking?  Imagine anything like that happening today!  At least one commenter has used the word “pedophile,” and there has been talk of lawsuits.

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