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In honor of Bernie’s filibuster

December 12th, 2010

In honor of Senator Bernie Sanders’ 8 1/2 hour speech against President Obama’s giveaway to the rich, I’d like to share some lines I’ve been working on for the Purgatory volume of my Commedia.  On the merits of the Obama-GOP tax deal, I have no clear idea; it may be, as Obama and Clinton say, the best deal that could be procured at this time, although I don’t understand why the Democrats can’t just use the budget reconciliation process to neuter the threat of a GOP filibuster and pass the middle class tax cut extension without extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich.  However that sugars out, I believe that Bernie is fighting the Good Fight and saying what needs to be said but so rarely is.  May his star shine in heaven.

I happen to be working just now on a section of my poem that seems particularly apropos.  In it, the protagonist, who has just spent the night hunkered beneath an equestrian statue in an abandoned factory district of an anonymous Rust Belt city, wakes up and walks along the river towards a bridge about half a mile away, musing about various things.  I have just finished the first draft of these lines, and ordinarily I would not make them public until quite some time had passed for me to become satisfied they need no further revision.  But I don’t think they’re embarrassing in their present state, and they seem so timely I can’t resist sharing them now:   

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