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Taking Tiny Tim’s turkey

December 1st, 2010

How Charles Dickens would have relished today’s GOP!  It is barely possible to imagine the refinements of scorn and sarcasm he would have lavished upon a party that declares itself prepared, when jobs are at their scarcest in decades, to terminate support for the unemployed at Christmastime (!) unless it can be continued without adding to the government’s debt, while at the same time the same party adamantly demands extending tax cuts for the richest 2% of taxpayers, which would increase the government’s deficit by $700 billion over the next decade.  It’s like taking away Tiny Tim’s turkey in order to give it to Frank Purdue.  What makes it especially delicious is that they justify the extended tax cuts for the rich as a way of creating jobs for the unemployed, as if the present, historically high levels of wealth were not enough motivation but more wealth will do the trick.

I am reminded of a joke that was current when I was working on the first draft of To Join the Lost.  I wanted to work it into the book, but couldn’t find a way.  I think Dante would have liked it.  Back in the day, the protagonist was President Dubya, but let’s update it:

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Blues, Blogging, Boehner, Orwell, Yglesias, All in 348 Words

July 16th, 2010

After years of slogging away at a multi-volume narrative poem to which nearly nothing human is extraneous because its subject is the moral universe, it’s an interesting challenge to learn to write in the blog form.  Almost every idea seems to want to blossom into a tome of ramifications, illustrations, sources, anecdote, and argument.  Obviously, that won’t do.

One solution would be to blog on a single topic, say “poetry,” developing the theme a paragraph or two at a time.  Or let events take control, as in “politics.”  Just take the headline of the day and say something snarky about it: my god, John Boehner’s butt looks big.  Either of those strategies may work for others, but I’m a Gemini – couldn’t stay on topic if my life depended on it.

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