Talking like a real human

May 29th, 2012

This guy has my vote.  He so totally gets it.  Try to imagine Mitt Romney, or for that matter ANY national Republican, speaking with this degree of humanity, honesty, openness, compassion, understanding, and wisdom.

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One Response to “Talking like a real human”

  1. Upton O. Goode Says:

    How do you know it wasn’t scripted? How do you know he wasn’t told to float a trial balloon, so to speak, to see how it would “play in Peoria” in advance of the big guy saying it? How do you know he wasn’t cynically trying to nail down one constituency, or by contrast, forcing Romney to assuage the radical elements of his own party, and thus alienate moderate independents? How do you know Romney doesn’t feel – actually feel – the same way? But then again, I’m not that cynical.

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