Burning Issues of the Day

April 20th, 2012

I was walking along Pearl Street the other day, by the liquor store.  Just ahead of me was a skinny, pimply, late adolescent in bermuda shorts and a white teeshirt on a skateboard.  Coming towards us was a big fat kid in a hoodie, about college age but something told me he was a townie, and his friend, a kid only slightly less weedy than the skateboarder.  As they passed me, the big guy said to this friend, “Whenever I see a kid on a skateboard, I want to punch him.  Is that weird?”

Please discuss among yourselves.  For extra credit, what would Dante have to say about this impulse?

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One Response to “Burning Issues of the Day”

  1. Hallie Says:

    Something to do with the anniversary of Revere’s ride? Or Waco? Some watered-down rebellious impulse? Youth today! Irritated, but only mildly, and only by skateboarders!

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