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Psychopath Trump

October 20th, 2017

I think it is unfair to criticize Trump for attempting to console a fallen soldier’s widow by telling her, “he knew what he signed up for,” or words to that effect. Trump is a psychopath. He no more can comprehend another person’s feelings, or express genuine empathy with them, than a shark can play the flute. It is not within his ken. To him, shit happens, and if you knowingly walk into a situation where shit happens and indeed shit happens to you, well, you had it coming. That makes you weak and a loser, like John McCain, who got caught. Unless, of course, you are Trump, in which case whatever shit happens is somebody else’s fault. To ask him to comprehend another’s grieving or to express heartfelt sympathy for anything whatever is to make a demand he is not equipped to meet. If I am right, his occasional clumsy simulations of compassion represent somewhat grudging moments of forced obedience to social norms he neither shares nor understands (this is a guy who boasted on a national radio show of refusing assistance to someone he thought was dying), and mask a deep contempt for people (all of us) who have not mastered the arts of survival and personal aggrandizement as he thinks he has. It is sad that people persist in the delusion that he is a more or less normal but flawed person who cares about at least some of them. White men, coal miners, unemployed factory hands, etc. He cares about them only in that they feed his ego and otherwise can be used by him. There is a theory that psychopaths are not fully human, that they are something like a predatory subspecies for which we are prey. If so, then how ironic it is that our first black president, eminently human, should have been succeeded by our first nonhuman president, who campaigned on the promise of walling out aliens! I revile Donald Trump, and wish him a short, unhappy, and unsuccessful time in office. I do not make the mistake of expecting him to be able to counterfeit humanity convincingly. Calling him “insensitive” is like calling a brick hard. Of course it is. To those who would reproach the brick for not being permeable to their emotions, my warm condolences.

The Law of Conservation of Reality

June 7th, 2015

This came to me in a dream.  When an event – call it a miracle – occurs in a manner incompatible with the established dynamics of the universe, the universe instantly adjusts so as to conserve reality by reconfiguring the past so that the miracle is not incompatible with physical dynamics but is compatible with them; and it does so in the most economical and efficient manner.  A giant stone appears out of nowhere in the middle of Times Square: instantly, it always was there, or its arrival has a history.  Miracles may happen all the time, but they are undetectable as such, due to this reconfiguration.  Not only that, but the efficiency principle governing the reconfiguration also implies that no traces remain in conscious memory of the antecedent conditions, the ones according to which the miracle was miraculous, since those conditions (now) never existed.  Only in imagination, which is the faculty of perceiving the unreal, is the miracle dimly perceived.