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June 30th, 2010

One Response to “And my much-sought endorsement goes to…”

  1. upton o. goode Says:

    I, personally, endorse Carl Paladino. Any objective reviewer of Andrew Cuomo must conclude that he looks as if sent here by a race of space aliens that has only a vague understanding of what humans are actually supposed to look like. Other than that, he’s basically experienced, competent and electable. More boring than saw dust.

    Paladino, on the other hand, engenders the same type of must-touch-the-wet-paint curiousity as Catherine the Great’s stable boy asking what all the ropes and pulleys are for. Where to start? The questionable government contracts. The really weird porn. Then, the denouncing of gays in front of a Brooklyn Hasidic congregation. More money. More porn. Going on TV to retract his retraction, only to offend more people than he had started offending. My personal must-smell-the-sour-milk favorite, insisting he would improve the State’s beleaguered economy by jailing the poor.

    It seems everyone from left to right all agree. The Empire State has not seen a gubernatorial contender this interesting since its presiding Chief Justice, Sol Wachtler, was put on suicide watch in his solitary confinement cell, after being arrested for mailing condoms and inscrutable love notes to his mistresses’ teenaged daughter. Andrew Cuomo could, indeed would, bring none of this to Albany.

    making e it worse.

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