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June 30th, 2010

4 Responses to “On Labor Day, can’t we all be a little more Polish?”

  1. Karen Kettlety Says:

    Okaaaaay! Let’s unionize farmers and ranchers! Maybe a holiday named for us folks who put food on your tables.

    A sheep rancher in NE Oregon

  2. Seth Steinzor Says:

    Hey, Karen, are you Stephen K’s friend? He forwards your reports to me. I love reading them. You know, collective action on the part of small ranchers and farmers is not so bizarre an idea. Dairy farmers around here form coops to help with obtaining decent milk prices and processing charges.

  3. Karen Kettlety Says:

    Guilty …
    Well, we do have an organization, Oregon Rural Action, who are taking on some of the small farmer and rancher issues locally but really they are David to government/agribusiness Goliath and the slingshot’s not really loaded.

    I was being kind of snarky about 8 hour days/ 40 hour weeks, overtime pay, paid vacation, child labor, minimum wage, health insurance, etc. etc. etc. — their ain’t no union that could make that happen. I know of only two ranching families here in the valley who don’t work off the ranch and they have generations of family who owned and worked the land, purchased the equipment and lots of family support, and they still work their butts off seven days a week, in all seasons, all year round. Funny thing is, they … we … love the life style and you don’t here them complain about it.

    The other ranching families I know — they all have to take on work outside the ranch. Eight hour days? Right … they work 8 hours before lunch!

    Anyway…. Nice web site. Pleased to meet you as Steve has spoken of you often and with admiration.

  4. Seth Steinzor Says:

    Yes, that’s what we hear from farmers here, too. I wish we all could have that kind of job satisfaction!

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