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June 30th, 2010

2 Responses to “Ego, thy name is Doug”

  1. Upton O'Goode Says:

    I think your characterization is not entirely fair because the vote count is so improbably close. The history books are full of close votes that, upon recount, went the other way. If it does, would not then Racine be justified?

    P.S. Calling one candidate egotistical is like handing out a speeding ticket at the Indy 500.

  2. Seth Steinzor Says:

    Your points are well taken, but I think the larger point is that a Racine administration would not be greatly different from a Shumlin administration, and Racine is not markedly more “electable” than Shumlin, so why enhance the chances that we will have a Dubie administration by giving Dubie a couple weeks’ handicap in campaigning? Sometimes you’ve got to take a hit for the team.

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