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June 30th, 2010

3 Responses to “Some Thoughts on American Terror”

  1. Wendy Schoener Says:

    Bravo! Maybe I am not well-read enough, but I think no one has written in exactly this way about our national scourge. Thanks, Seth.

  2. Ned Getchell Says:

    Yes, thank you, Seth for your insights. They help me to get a better grip on what seems so hard to grasp.

  3. AntholNibre Says:

    After the September 11 attack, Americans asked, Why do they hate us so? Leftists like Noam Chomsky insisted that they hate us because America has done bad things. Of course, America has done bad things. But only a naif uninformed about the mechanism of hate would ever believe that hate is logical, that hate befalls only those who deserve it. Attributing America’s 9-11 suffering to America’s sins is as logical, as intellectually courageous, and as helpful as attributing the Black Plague of Medieval Europe to sin, rather than to the plague bacillus.

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