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June 30th, 2010

3 Responses to “Syria”

  1. Richard Says:

    he author is (sadly) re-writing history in condemning “Nazis”. He must be unaware that in World War II the U.S. and British Air Forces bombed Germany’s cities into rubble killing hundreds of thousands. And the U.S., all by itself, burned all but a few of Japan’s cities to the ground, again killng civilians by the hundreds of thousands. “Mass Retaliation” and “Slaughter of Innocents” is our Moral Calculus. The winners hold the war crimes trials. Sort of the same thing today.

  2. Seth Steinzor Says:

    The author let himself get carried away making a rhetorical point. It is a vice of the author’s that he regrets. Thanks, Uncle Dick, for the all too sobering correction.

  3. Upton O. Good Says:

    Question for Richard. Say you are the Commander in Chief of the United States in the early 1940’s. The Nazi’s (not in quotes) have just overrun more-or-less all of Europe, North Africa and a large chunk of Asia. Their allies, who are just as evil, have overrun most of what is left. They have broken every pledge, promise and treaty ever committed to, and have violated even the vaguest rules of war, to the extent there is such a thing. Many millions have already died in death camps, and tens of millions have already died on one battlefield or another. They are more scientifically advanced than you, and building working rockets and well on their way to a nuclear bomb. The only thing standing between them and their thousand year worldwide empire is a nearly-exhausted Britain, it’s former colonies – and you. One of the very few, ironic advantages you have is that the best minority scientists – like Fermi and Einstein – that they have spent years chasing out of Europe, are publicly begging you to build a nuclear bomb first. The question, without the benefit of our proverbial armchairs, and lacking the insight and safety of seventy years experience, is “What would you have done given those same circumstances?”

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