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The Law of Conservation of Reality

June 7th, 2015

This came to me in a dream.  When an event – call it a miracle – occurs in a manner incompatible with the established dynamics of the universe, the universe instantly adjusts so as to conserve reality by reconfiguring the past so that the miracle is not incompatible with physical dynamics but is compatible with them; and it does so in the most economical and efficient manner.  A giant stone appears out of nowhere in the middle of Times Square: instantly, it always was there, or its arrival has a history.  Miracles may happen all the time, but they are undetectable as such, due to this reconfiguration.  Not only that, but the efficiency principle governing the reconfiguration also implies that no traces remain in conscious memory of the antecedent conditions, the ones according to which the miracle was miraculous, since those conditions (now) never existed.  Only in imagination, which is the faculty of perceiving the unreal, is the miracle dimly perceived.